2019 GR Market Information Form

Please complete the form below by January 31, 2019.

Be as complete as possible with your answers. If you need something confirmed, please feel free to call or text me, 610.836.1391.

There is space at the end of the form for any comments you might have for us to address.

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Primary Phone Number
Please list your primary contact phone number for calls and text messages.
Secondary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Please list a secondary phone number
Please list your correct mailing address: Name Street or PO Address Town/City Zip Code
Downingtown Farmers Market *
Please indicate your requested participation in Downingtown for May - November markets.
Eagleview Farmers Market *
Please indicate your requested market participation for 2019 in Eagleview for May - November markets.
Malvern Farmers Market *
Please indicate your requested market participation for 2019 in Malvern for May - November markets.
West Reading Farmers Market *
Please indicate your requested market participation in West Reading for May - November markets.
> Please provide a complete list of your proposed product inventory for 2019. It is essential that you send a comprehensive list so we can control overlap at markets and be fair to all producers participating in GR Markets. > Lengthy lists can be emailed separately to info@growingrootspartners.com. > Growers, please send your growing plans separately.
Please list any proposed new products for 2019. All new products must be approved by GRP before introducing at a market.
Please disclose the production facility/co-packer of any product you offer which is not produced by you. Please list by the product, followed by production facility for each item.
Value Added: Local Sourcing of Ingredients
Please indicate the percentage of local ingredients used in your products
If you are not sourcing your ingredients from local producers, please list where you source your ingredients. Please be specific with meats, poultry, dairy and produce sourcing.
Food Production Oversight *
Please provide a listing of any and all registrations and permits you hold to meet county, state and federal guidelines for food sales. Select ALL that Apply GRP should be holding a copy of each of these documents. PDA = Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture CCHD = Chester County Health Department
Please list any other food productions permits, licenses or registrations not noted above including inspections from other municipal food safety inspectors.
Please indicate any certifications which you hold
Please list any other certifications you hold with regard to your product.
EBT Participation
GRP currently holds 2 licenses for accepting EBT (electronic benefit transfers, what you know as food stamps). The licenses are currently associated with a specific market, one for Downingtown and one for West Reading. The new Farm Bill may allow us to use our licenses at any market, making all GRP markets EBT accessible. The basics of how it will work at a market: GR will process the payments (we have a new system for 2019), EBT transfers money to GR, and we will reimburse participants quarterly. EBT can be used on pretty much everything at a market except for alcohol, pet food, non-food products (ie soap) and food truck purchases. We also work with the Chester County Food Bank for our Chester County markets to provide EBT users with incentive dollars good on produce only; and we are trying to create that same incentive in West Reading with Tower Health. These incentive dollars are refunded to the recipient at the end of every market. Please indicate below if you are willing to participate in the EBT Program at markets.
Please use this space for any general comments.
Workshop Registration
Workshop Attendance *
Do you plan to attend the 2019 Growing Roots Farmers Market Workshop on March 26 from 9 AM - 4 PM at the Chester County Economic Development Center?