Welcome to Growing Roots Farmers Markets, dedicated to bringing your community the very best in locally farmed fruits, vegetables, livestock, fresh eggs and dairy; as well as artisan crafted foods using ingredients sourced locally.

Growing Roots Farmers Markets are producer only - participating farms must grow and / or raise the foods they sell at the markets; and our local food producers must make what they sell, using local ingredients whenever possible. The farmers and producers who participate in Growing Roots Farmers Markets are LOCAL - most come from within a 35 mile radius of the market in which they participate.

Questions about participating in a Growing Roots Farmers Markets? Please email!

Why Shop At A Farmers Market?

Growing Roots Farmers Markets are helping to build a strong, local food system in Chester County - for good reasons:

  1. Creates jobs locally.
  2. Purchasing locally sourced food keeps your buying power in your community.
  3. A strong local food system creates a buffer when national food systems are challenged, as in instances of drought or crop / livestock disease.
  4. Provides communities with weekly community events - a reason to develop relationships within their community, to "grow roots".  
  5. Provides market shoppers with the opportunity to connect with the farmer or food producer - giving the chance for the consumer to ask questions - how produce was grown, how livestock was raised, and how the food was prepared. 
  6. Fresh - you bet! Most produce was picked the morning of the market, ripe, ready to enjoy, picked at their peak! Eggs - no more warehousing eggs - the eggs at the market are fresh from the hen! The same is true for all of the products at the market. Fresh simply tastes better! 
  7. The fresher the food product, the more nutritionally rich that product. In the case of produce - many veggies and fruits lose a significant amount of nutrients as they age.  When you purchase produce from a grocery store, you have no idea as to their freshness, or their true nutritional value!
  8. You get to inspect the product before you purchase it - no more mystery bags of produce. You pick what you want, how much you want, the size, the shape. 
  9. Encourage sustainable farming practices - small scale farms, especially those organically or biodynamically certified, or practicing organic growing practices, care for their land to ensure sustainability. They are true stewards of the land. 
  10. Strengthens our market communities! Studies have shown that a farmers market brings shoppers into a community - not just to shop at the farmers market, but to support other local merchants as well. We've witnessed it first hand in our communities!
  11. Farmers markets provide farmers and small scale food business with the opportunity to sell their products directly to the consumer, basically cutting out the middle man. This is far more advantageous to them financially as compared to having to sell their product wholesale at significantly reduced rates. 

Growing Roots Farmers Market Mission

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Growing Roots is dedicated to community education that nurtures the importance of sustaining our local agricultural food system. As a weekly community event, Growing Roots Farmers Markets offer a vital economic opportunity to regional farmers and local food producers, while playing an important role in enhancing a community's economic profile. Essential to the Market’s mission is the fundamental role of nutrition and healthy food choices, supported by an educational dialogue and access to fresh and nutritious foods.