Support Alex's Lemonade Stand


When people think of cancer fundraisers, it’s usually a 5K for a lost friend or family member, but many people forget that there are more ways to help that are still fun and easy. I volunteer with an organization called Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). The organization has an  inspiring founder; a little girl with neuroblastoma and a huge heart for helping other kids with her disease.

Alex Scott was diagnosed when she was one year old and doctors would repeatedly tell her parents, Liz and Jay Scott, there was no way Alex would live, and Alex repeatedly proved them wrong. When she was four, Alex decided she didn’t want any children to have her diagnosis, or any other cancer, so she held a lemonade stand to raise money for the other kids. The stand was a resounding success and soon, more children began holding there own stands and giving Alex the money to help her reach her goal. After 8 years of fighting, Alex passed away in 2004, but her family and supporters continued her legacy. Over $150 million for childhood cancer has been raised, and anyone can contribute.

I am Renie Harris. I am twelve years old, and I have been holding my own stands since 2014. We all have our own reasons to contribute, but I knew I wanted to help when my school held an MLK service day. One of the activities was making hospital bands for children our age with cancer. I remember making them and thinking “If I was in the hospital, I would want to wear my own band” I felt really bad about this, so I did some research and found ALSF. It felt good to contribute to a program that helps sick children.

Over the past four years, I have raised $2,404 and funded 48 hours of research at local hospitals like the Penn State children’s medical center in Hershey PA. My next stand is on Sunday August 19 at the West Reading Farmers Market. I will have lemonade and snow cones made with fresh, homemade syrup. Please consider coming out to get some sweet refreshments and see the rest of the market.