Interested in becoming part of the Growing Roots Farmers Markets?

  1. Are you a small scale farmer (produce, livestock or dairy) located within 50 miles of one of our current markets? Please complete an application.
  2. Do you own a local, small scale food business located within 50 miles of one of our current markets? Are you producing the food item yourself? Are you using local ingredients? Fill out the appropriate application and we'll give you a call.
  3. Do you have an idea, a dream, a love for food or farming that you've always wanted to turn into income, but didn't know where to start - please email.

Growing Roots Farmers Markets are:

  1. Producer only - you need to grow, raise or make the item you plan to offer at the market
  2. Local - farms and producers are located within 35 - 45 miles of a market location
  3. Small scale - the philosophy is to offer retail opportunities to small scale food businesses.  
  4. Sourced locally - whenever possible, all producers are asked to source their ingredients locally.

Applications for GRP Farmers Markets

Applications are specific to what you propose to sell at the farmers market. Please complete the application which best fits your product. Questions - please email

Applications for Prospective Market Participants


If you have any questions about participating in a Growing Roots Farmers Market, please email.