Falling Leaf Festival

Date: October 1, 2017

Last year was our first Falling Leaf Festival and it was a huge success.

What is Falling Leaf Fest - a showcase of the most talented young performers from the greater Downingtown area and Chester County!  

In 2016 we had over a dozen schools participate in the day long talent showcase featuring the best and brightest of youth in Chester County. It should have been coined the Goose Bump Festival as the day was filled with pride and excitement for all of our young performers.

In addition to the talent portion of Falling Leaf Fest, you can also expect to find a lovely craft market, delicious food, activities for the kids, and more!

2017 Falling Leaf Festival Applications

Talent Act Applications

This year, we are accepting early applications from schools to reserve time slots for the number of acts they would like to feature at the Falling Leaf Fest. At this point we do not need information on individual performances, we simply would like to know how many time slots you would like to have for your school.  

Craft Applications

We have spaces for 25 artists / crafters in our Craft Market. Please apply early as these spaces will go fast!