Falling Leaf Festival Talent Reservation

October 1, 2017 11A - 3P   Eagleview Town Center

How to Apply to Falling Leaf Fest

Please use application below to apply for the Falling Leaf Festival Talent Showcase. We realize the timing of this event, immediately after summer vacations, is a challenge for schools to know details of their performances. This year, we are accepting Early Applications to allow schools to reserve time slots for their performers, providing additional information as the date nears. 

All performers must be sponsored by a school (public, parochial, or private; dance academy, music school, theater school, cheerleading organization).  

Reminder to all aspiring performers

  • All acts must be G rated.

  • Stage is 28' deep by 48' wide and is in the shape of a half circle. Layout of stage area.

  • The stage will be covered with a Marlee surface. Point ballet is not recommended on this surface due to the brick surface of the stage. The Marlee surface will cover an area of 15' deep x 24' wide.

  • Once we receive your reservation we will contact you for specifics: type of performance, number and age of students per performance, set-up requirements, recorded music, audio needs, etc.

  • All recorded music must be forwarded to the organizer 2 weeks prior to the event.

  • This event is held outdoors. If the weather is unfavorable it may be necessary to cancel the festival.

Application for Talent Showcase

Please provide the name of your school / studio affiliation; the primary contact person at the School / studio, and their email address.
Primary School Contact *
Primary School Contact
Phone *
Time Slot Reservations *
Please indicate the number of performance time slots you would like to reserve for the 2017 Falling Leaf Festival. The length of the time slot varies depending on the performance. Once we have your reservation we will contact you for additional information.
Please provide us with your best guess for the number of students who will be participating so that we can order t-shirts.
We are ordering uni-sex sized t-shirts from XXS - XXL. Please give us a general idea of the t-shirt sizes you will need for your performers. Size and number of t-shirts in that size.