Turkey Leftovers

Ahhhh - is there anything better than a turkey sandwich made with freshly roasted turkey from Thanksgiving, whole grain bread, and homemade cranberry sauce - nope, don't think so! 

Why is it that we only roast turkeys for holidays. My family has been enjoying this pre-event turkey all week long. When we have turkey sandwiches I like to warm the turkey up in some leftover gravy. One leftover I didn't have to add to my sandwich - stuffing. If you've got some on hand, it make a great addition.

I also made a fantastic White Turkey Chili from Williams Sonoma, with some of the leftover turkey. One minor change to the recipe - I added 2 sweet potatoes, for color, flavor, and nutritional value. And, instead of making it in the slow cooker, I just heated it on the stovetop. It was absolutely delicious - perfect on a cold day. Topped with sour cream (or Greek yogurt - saves calories and has the same flavor), and a spritz of lime juice, it was a hit with the whole family.

A few years ago I used my leftover turkey to make an Asian inspired dish called Bang Bang Turkey from Nigella Lawson. I served it up to a house full of visiting family, expecting objections that there were no turkey sandwiches. There was not a single complaint - everyone loved it.

I've only dark meat leftover at this point - tomorrow I'm making turkey noodle soup using pasta from Vera Pasta, and produce from the market.  Stay tuned!

Lisa ONeillComment