Have you seen this veggie showing up at the farmers market - celeriac, or celery root? Two Gander Farm has had a bumper crop this year. 


Admittedly, it's a bit gnarly looking, but it has an oh, so mellow celery flavor, and is a perfect addition to soups, salads and as a stand-alone side dish.  Taming the beast - easy - cut off the top and bottom with a sturdy knife, then peel the exterior with a knife - a veggie peeler just can't get the job done!

This is a fall crop - a root crop. It is relatively low in calories at about 60 per cup, and high in fiber and potassium. My family's favorite Thanksgiving recipe is mashed potatoes and celery root with mascarpone - you can substitute cream cheese or cream fraiche for the sour cream to keep it more economical. Today, I'm offering up a far lighter use of celery root - Celeriac Slaw - from Martha Stewart. It's dressed with a light buttermilk dressing scented with tarragon and capers. The recipe calls for blanched celery root ribbons and celery.

I added some fennel as well since I had it on hand from Down to Earth Farm. Fennel has the texture and bite of celery, but with a lovely anise flavor. Super low in calories and high in fiber - it can add lots of flavor and texture to many dishes. For the slaw, I just thinly sliced it like the celery.  


The buttermilk dressing was a quick whirl in the blender of buttermilk, olive oil, tarragon and salt and pepper. Toss with the prepped veggies, it made a perfect side to my fish entree.