Early Spring at Blueberry Hill

I spent the day with Peg from Blueberry Hill Farm last weekend, roaming around the fileds, checking for signs of spring. The blueberry patch still looked sleepy - Peg and Clyde have rows and rows of blueberry bushes. But on closer inspection, you can see the buds greening.  It will be a few more months, but blueberries from those bushes will be making delicious pies before you know it.

It was clear Peg and Clyde had been busy. They had lots of seedlings started in their green house - the plants still too tender to survive in the fields:

And what do you think is growing under this covering of straw? If you guessed strawberries you'd be right!

There was a bit of construction on the farm - Clyde built a new hoop house - that makes two. Both will be covered with plastic. The one on the left is brand new, the one on the right is where they grow gorgeous heirloom tomatoes.

Blueberry Hill Farm is beautiful - a labor of love for Peg, Clyde and son, Luke Dearolf. They will be bringing their bounty of produce to Downingtown Farmers Market every week. Peg's invited me out to their farm to document the growing season - I hope you enjoy getting to know our farmers!

Lisa ONeillComment