The Orchard Blossoms

A few weeks ago I visited Frecon Orchard - there was barely a sign of a bud on the trees. Last weekend I returned to find a bevy of blossoms - the promise of summer's finest fruits. These beautiful pink blossoms will produce luscious peaches.

Peach blossoms!

The white blossoms - cherries, plums and plumcots. What is a plumcot - a cross between a plum and an apricot.

Cherries, plums and plumcot blossoms.

Its exciting to watch the progress of the orchard - to see the fruit mature. Before you know it - ladders like these will be perched throughout the orchard on a hot summer day with pickers harvesting the bounty. Later that week, the kind folks from Frecon Orchards will bring those fruits to the farmers market for your enjoyment. Can't wait!

Waiting patiently for picking season

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