Hakurei Turnips - Give Them a Try!

Hakurei Turnips - have you tried them? A number of the farmers have been bringing them to market. A version of your standard turnip, this fellow hails from Japan. They come in all different sizes, marble to baseball size, snowy white in color. Their taste - mild and somewhat sweet. But what they're really known for - texture - these turnips are full of crunch and are quite juicy. And don't toss their leaves - they cook up beautifully too.

Hakurei turnips are perfect raw - I've seen some folks strolling around market eating them like an apple! Want to add crunch to a salad - throw in some Hakurei turnips. Tonight I made a great recipe featuring cooked Hakurei, Hakurei Turnips and Greens with Sesame, so easy; excellent with grilled chicken.

I decided to add more greens to the recipe - I had baby red Russian kale on hand - it was a great addition to the dish.

I hope you'll give these delicious turnips a try. More importantly, encourage your children to try them - they will love their crunch!

Lisa ONeillComment