The Pickled Kitchen: Honey Pickled Fennel

Robert, from Down to Earth Farm has been bringing beautiful fennel to the market. Fennel has a subtle licorice flavor and a texture much much like celery. You use only the bulb of the fennel, not the stalky tops. 


I had some leftover pickling liquid from my Honey Bee Beets and I though it might compliment the fennel - it was a winner! 


I sliced up one fennel bulb and 2 scallions into into thin slices. Packed them into a pint jar - one bulb of fennel was a perfect fit for the pint jar.

Now simply pour the hot honey vinegar mixture into the jar to within 1/4 inch of the rim. Use a clean knife to slide down the sides of the jar to dislodge any trapped air. If necessary, top off the jar with additional liquid. Seal with the lid and refrigerate until ready to use. These thin slices take on the pickling flavor nicely - you can use it within hours of preparing it. 


Suggestions: lamb sausage in a crusty roll topped with the honey pickled fennel. And for an amazing treat, a grilled cheese sandwich made with extra sharp cheddar cheese and layered with the pickled fennel - this was awesome!


Lisa ONeillComment