Hanger Steak with Bloody Mary Tomato Salad

On a hot week like this one, all you really want is a light dinner. Here is the perfect choice - Hanger Steak with Bloody Mary Tomato Salad! I purchased my hanger steak from Axel at Lindenhof Farm at the Downingtown Farmers Market. Axel is the king of puns - I challenge anyone to take him on - you will lose!

The recipe actually called for skirt steak, but the hanger is a close relative, and I prefer it! It "hangs" between the tenderloin and the rib cage, and is a flavorful, and quite tender cut of beef. There is only one hanger steak cut per cow, so grab one when you see them. The skirt steak is basically the diaphragm of the cow - its a hard working muscle, and therefore, a bit chewy.  In my kitchen, the hanger steak rules!

Simply grill the steak to medium rare, don't over grill this beautiful piece of meat! Whip up the easy tomato salad with the delicious horseradish based dressing - presto - a dinner to impress, with no fuss! 

Lisa ONeillComment