Invasion of the Zucchini

You know what I'm talking about - zucchini overload. Gardens are full of the vine-y plants prolifically populating the market tables with tons of the summer squash. What to do with them?

First, let's appreciate zucchini for the prize veggie it is: low in calories, a medium zucchini provides almost 60% of the RDA for vitamin C, and is a great source of fiber, vitamin A and B6. All this nutritional goodness can sometimes get lost in how we use them in the kitchen - frying, parmesan'ing, baking in fat laden sweet bread, and so on. Even the addition of the humble zucchini can't make those preparations healthy.


How to pick a zucchini? Size does matter! Yes, there are monster zucchini's out there - steer clear of those - the bigger zucchinis get, the more fibrous and seedy they become. It's best to purchase small to medium size zucchini, nothing over 8-9 inches long, for the best flavor and texture.  

Yellow summer squash and Patty Pan squash - they're just cousins of zucchini and can be used interchangeably in cooking preparations! 

Today - a delicious, healthy zucchini recipe:  Roasted Zucchini Enchiladas  from The Sprouted Kitchen. I took the time to make my own Enchilada Sauce using fresh tomato sauce, made with market tomatoes of course - this recipe is a keeper!


The enchilada filling is made using cubed zucchini, goat cheese (I used Shellbark Hollow's chèvre), black beans (you can use canned), and onion. The recipe calls for seasoning with lemon pepper garlic salt - I omitted and used fresh lemon zest from one lemon - it made the dish! The entire recipe calls for only 5 ounces of goat cheese - enough for flavor, but without pushing the fat content too high. 

Making enchiladas is simple - it's best to toast your corn tortillas over an open flame for extra flavor. Then fill and roll the tortillas, and place seam side down in an enchilada sauce puddle. Top with sauce and crumble with some additional cheese; bake. This was a hit with adults and kids alike.

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