Market Infused Cocktails!

There's nothing better than summer cocktails featuring sun ripened fruits. Here's two simple recipes sure to keep your guests entertained.

Our first drink - a Bourbon Tart. This came about after pitting buckets of sour cherries and ending up with cups of sour cherry juice - the stuff is addicting! Hmmmm, how to incorporate into a cocktail. Nothing goes better with cherries than bourbon. 


Two parts sour cherry juice to one part bourbon, a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon agave nectar to sweeten, shake, ice, enjoy! 

Blueberries are the star in drink #2 - Blueberry Smash - from Bon Appetite!  This is a vodka based drink with the addition of St-Germain Elderflower nectar. The recipe is quick to assemble and so impressive.  You'l need to pick up blueberries and mint from the market.


This cocktail is as pretty as it is delicious! Enjoy responsibly!


Malvern Farmers Market shoppers - you can take your cocktail home with you direct from the market - hard cider from Frecon Farm! They have 3 cider varieties: Crabby Granny, Early Man, and Hogshead! I suggest buying all 3 for flights of hard cider!

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