Take the Brown Bag Challenge

School is back in session - do you know what your child is having for lunch tomorrow? Do they pack their lunch or buy from the school lunch cafeteria?  

We'd like to challenge you to pack a healthy brown bag lunch for your child, and you! After all, if you're not eating a healthy lunch, how can you expect your child to eat a healthy lunch? Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on what to pack in a healthy lunch, taking it one step at a time, setting a new goal every week. 

We'll have guidance for you as well, input from the experts, registered dietitians. We're serious about this - eat local, eat healthy.   

Our first goal - Eat Your Veggies, at least one serving of a vegetable at every lunch. And baby carrots don't count! Why - - - because variety is the key!


Look at this mosaic of local, in season produce! It's almost too pretty to eat! But we know kids will try a huge variety of veggies - we've seen it at the market. Purple beans, turnips, tomatoes, peppers - - - when offered, they'll try it, and probably like it. 

Don't worry - we'll help. Follow the blog for suggestions - we've got plenty. We'd love your feedback as well.


Lisa ONeillComment