Bahn Mi Me

Pate and spring fresh herbs: mint, cilantro and basil. It's hoagie time - Vietnamese hoagies - known as a bahn mi! There are many different variations - just like our own hoagie. Bahn mi sandwiches are actually a combination of cultures. Influenced by their French colonization, the typical bahn mi has a smathering of pate and mayonnaise. The Vietnamese lend an Asian flavor: fish sauce, cilantro and lightly pickled veggies, typically carrots.

Constructing a spring time farmers market bahn mi:

Step One: Prep the pork meat balls. I followed this meatball recipe, deliciously studded with lots of chopped basil and with a healthy dose of fish sauce. Both Lindenhof Farm and Canter Hill Farm have ground pork, and Old Homestead Farm has been well stocked with the basil. 

To build the bahn mi, start with a baguette from Saint Peters Bakery and spread with a tasty layer of sriracha spiked mayo. Next, a few mint leaves, then cilantro.

Now for the pickled veggies. Carrots are the traditional, but I wanted to stay in season - ramps and radishes! More on quick pickling tomorrow. What's a ramp? A wild leek - and the season is just about at an end. If you find them at market this week, grab them, this will be the last week!

And now for the protein: our pork meatballs, and Canter Hill Farm duck liver pate, it's amazing.

Such an amazing mix of flavors, fresh and local! Give it a try!

Have a recipe you prepare with market ingredients? Share it with us!

Lisa ONeill