Field Trip: Old Homestead Farm, October

It's always my goal to visit all of the farms throughout the growing season, capturing all of their seasonal changes for our market shoppers to see. Unfortunately the market season starts rolling and before I know it, autumn is here and I've yet to visit the farms. And while you may think there is little to see on the farm in autumn, you're wrong. The folks over at Old Homestead Farm have lots going on, in their fields and their greenhouses.

Everyone loves Old Homestead Farm's salad mix - and let me tell you, this is a labor of love. What a tedious process - grow a multitude of different greens to seedling size, then meticulously cut off the baby leaves for salad mix! All of this is done in their hydroponic greenhouse.

It's celery season on the farm. They grown the celery to maturity. Once mature, they tube the plants to blanch the celery. Blanching will lighten the stalks and make them sweeter. Local celery is a prize - be sure to pick some up at the market!

Do you know how broccoli grows? Take a look at the broccoli field to get a first hand view - Jenelle will have plenty of broccoli at market this week.

Thanks so much to Jenelle for taking the time out of her busy day to take me on a tour. It was a great day!

Lisa ONeill