Field Trip: Canter Hill Farm!

I wanted to drop by Canter Hill Farm to visit their turkeys - after all, it's getting close to the big day, Thanksgiving. Driving up to the farm, there is no mistaking you have arrived when you are greeted by their herd of ostrich. You read that correct, they raise ostrich, for meat. Why? Well Wayne, the muscle behind Canter Hill Farm, is from South Africa where he raised ostrich; and his ostrich herd makes him feel at home.  Want to have an interesting conversation - ask Wayne about his life in South Africa. He may be the most interesting man, and he's certainly a great story teller! 

Back to business, we're here for a different bird, the turkey. Here'a a look at the flock of turkeys at Canter Hill Farm. The white turkeys are conventional birds. The black turkeys are called Black Spanish turkeys. 

CHF turkey 3.JPG

Black Spanish turkeys are becoming more prevalent on turkey farms as the birds are quite tasty. They are a beautiful bird with glossy black feathers and a very red wattle - that's the proper name for their double chin! Of note, they are considered an endangered variety of heritage turkey. Farmers, like the folks at Canter Hill Farm, play an important role in helping to keep these lovely birds part of our turkey culture. You can order your Thanksgiving Turkey from the folks at Canter Hill by visiting their website for the pre-order form. Please note, pre-orders are highly recommended. Many of their birds are already on reserve for Thanksgiving.

A visit to Canter Hill Farm is not complete without checking in on their pigs, they always seem to be up to something. A few days ago they decided to go for a swim in the duck pond - if you ask me they look more like hippos, not pigs! And the ducks, well they are just not impressed at all!

CHF Pigs.jpg
Lisa ONeill