Amazing Acres' Goat Dairy Brag Book

After a very busy April welcoming some of these little cherubs into the world, we're excited to get even busier bringing our delicious goat cheeses to our Eagleview Farmers Market customers starting May 4th! Can't wait to see you all!

Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, located in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania, creates fresh-aged artisan goat cheeses inspired by classic French styles. Our goats are fed on pasture, grain and hay. They get plenty of daily exercise, fresh air, love, brushings and treats. We allow the kids to remain with their mothers for at least three months. Though this reduces our supply of milk for cheese making, we believe that this practice produces healthier kids and happier mothers and reduces stress on both. Our goats receive no hormones, steroids, antibiotics or any drugs unless medically necessary. We consider our girls (and boys) to be part of the staff and family of Amazing Acres and we treat them as such.

Lisa ONeill