Down to Earth Harvest: Everything is Growing, including the Family!

Bob and Amy invited me over for a walk ab=round the farm this past weekend, and to meet the newest member of the D to E Harvest Team, Nelle.

Bob, and his helper Zac, have been pretty busy on the farm as one could expect this time of year. Last week, in just 3 days, Bob, Zac and Bob's Dad surrounded the farm with deer fencing - no small feat, but you've got to keep those critters out. They see Bob's veggies and think salad bowl! Two can play that game - I see those deer and think venison!

Bob's crops are coming in beautifully. Are you breathlessly awaiting the arrival of tomatoes, not those foamy tasteless orbs the grocery tries to pass off as a tomato. Well here are Bob's, and they are looking good!

Take a look at some of the other crops growing at Down to Earth Harvest - it's going to be a good growing season, Mother Nature willing! Down to Earth Harvest is located in Downingtown, and participates in the Malvern Farmers Market and the Eagleview Farmers Market.

Lisa ONeill