Jammin' It with Cherry Tomatoes!

7 pounds sounds like a lot of tomatoes, but it's not as intimidating now. 

7 pounds sounds like a lot of tomatoes, but it's not as intimidating now. 

Bob from Down to Earth Harvest got the jump on tomatoes at the market this season, in a big way. Buckets and buckets of them, especially cherry tomatoes. Saturday he convinced me that I couldn't go home without a 7 pound box of sungolds - my favorite, super sweet - I was weak, my defenses were down. I couldn't refuse the opportunity to make a batch of one of my absolute favorite jams - Smokey Sungold Tomato Jam from Marissa MeClellan's Food 'n Jars.  

Marissa uses big size yellow tom's for her jam. I love the sungolds. The first step in the recipe is  to slice the tomatoes. Seriously, 7 pounds of sungold tomatoes, the size of my thumb, sliced? Looking for the easy button here - there aren't enuf hours in the day to slice 7 pounds of sungolds. At the same time, I didn't want to leave them whole and risk the skin of the tomato creating an unpleasant texture to the jam. Solution: food processor! I was nervous it wouldn't be able to handle slicing them and would end up mushing them, and I was ok with that, the alternative was slicing by hand, and that was not going to happen. But it did a great job! Lookie here:

The rest of the ingredients are easy to come by. The recipe calls for hot pepper flakes. I've gotten hooked on Aleppo pepper flakes - a distinctly different flavor, somewhat fruity hot. There's another pepper in the recipe, smoked paprika, made from pimento smoked over an oak fire and then ground to a powder - - - don't worry, you can purchase ready to use. I love this stuff! It gives a lovely smokey flavor.  

For the recipe, please visit the Food 'n Jars website. Marissa used big yellow tomatoes for her batch of jam, good, but not as sweet as the sungolds! 

The result - jars of Sungold GOLD - tomato-y, smokey, a smitch spicy, sweet! This jam is incredible on so many things: burgers, eggs, cheese, chicken and more!