Thank You Blake's Mother: Peach Curd Tart

So ever since I laid eyed on those stunning rosemary shortbread tart shells from Blake's Mother's Cookies they have been burning a hole in my imagination. What to do, oh the possibilities!

It's peach season, and I love the combo of peaches and rosemary. This was the recipe that made me fall in love with the flavor combo, a cocktail, of course, bourbon of course, Peach and Rosemary Cocktail, sinful! 

I love curds, but most of use think of only citrus curds. Well, peaches make a beautiful curd as well! Here's the recipe I used for my peach curd - it is yummy! Let your peaches get super sweet and ripe to really highlight the flavor. 

The rest of this recipe is simply concocted from what was easy and using ingredients I had on hand. I filled the tart shell with one batch of the peach curd. Beautiful. Then, since I had some creme fraiche on hand I whipped together about a half cup of creme fraiche with a tablespoon of honey. I put that mixture into a piping bag and spiraled it onto the top of the cured, then used a skewer to marble the creme fraiche into the curd. 

The tart shell comes with a glaze, basically red current jam - sweet, slightly tart flavor. I diced one peach and mixed the cubes with about 2 tablespoons of the glaze and allowed it to sit for about an hour. As the peach cubes macerate in the glaze you'll see them start to give off their juice - it's a process called osmosis, not that its important, or that you need to know, that's just what its called - random facts! Just before serving, drain the juice from the cubes and scatter them onto the top of the marbled curd. For how easy this is, it looks darn impressive, and tastes even better!