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Super Sunday Wings

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, but I still wanted to post these great recipes featuring seasonal farmers market ingredients. A week ago I fermented a big batch of Napa cabbage and carrots from Kimberton CSA into a spicy kimchi. If you've not tried your hand at fermentation yet, take the leap. It's simple and the results are amazing and so good for you! Take a look at my results!

Interested in learning more about fermentation, pay a visit to the February 18th Eagleview Farmers Market. Annmarie Cantrell of Cucina Verde will be demonstrating fermentation from 2 - 4 PM at the Chester County Food Bank.

I used a jar of my kimchi to make these yummy kimchi pancakes with a soy dipping sauce. These pancakes are not breakfast pancakes, but savory gems showcasing the kimchi, perfect for an Asian inspired dinner.

These Asian treats set the stage for Spicy Lacquered Chicken Wings - how can I explain just how delicious these wings were in a blog post. Sweet, spicy, crisp skin, and a crunchy veggie topping with juicy sections of orange. Let me tell you - you have to first start with great wings, I had a bag of wings from both Canter Hill Farm and Lindenhof Farm, big meaty wings, perfect for a party. The recipe is so very simple, and the results are so rewarding. Give them a try!