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the daily dish: Spring - Cucumber Turnip Salad with Mint Vinaigrette

Welcome to the daily dish, - simple food, local rootsrecipe suggestions from the farmers market featuring the freshest ingredients available. Each week we'll feature a special recipe highlighting ingredients available at the Growing Roots Farmers Markets.

Shopping List: 2 cucumbers, one bunch Hakurei turnips, one bunch mint, olive oil and honey. 

Our feature dish: Cucumber Turnip Salad with Mint Vinaigrette

Spring has arrived so get your taste buds ready. The tender herbs of the season are here to wake up your mealtime. This week we're teaming up mint from Old Homestead Farm's greenhouses with some of their delicious hothouse cucumbers, absolutely perfect in every way so early in the season; and Hakurei turnips, sweet little orbs of goodness. 

Prep the veggies first. Cut the leafy greens from the Hakurei turnips and reserve for another purpose - I steamed mine and added them to a power bowl. Have a food processor - this is the perfect dish to use it as it can make quick work of slicing the veggies and prepping the dressing. Use the slicing blade to slice the turnips and the cucumbers. 

And now for the vinaigrette - and back to the food processor. This whole dish is made using your processor - you'll only need to wash it once! Put a big hand of mint into the bowl of the food processor, add 1/4 cup lime juice (you'll need to get this from the grocery, sorry), 1 tablespoon honey (I used a dark honey from Exton Bee Co.), a sprinkling of salt and grind of black pepper. Put the lid on the processor and whirl; slowly adding 1/2 cup of olive oil. Now this is going to make more dressing than you'll need for this recipe, you're welcome! It is so delicious you'll be putting it on everything! Pretty too!

Place your veggies in a shallow bowl and pour on just enough dressing to coat. I used about 3 tablespoons. Gently toss the veggies to distribute. Taste it - spring - right - it tastes like spring! A nice addition to this would be radishes for a pop of color. Have some goat cheese on hand - a crumble would be great. If you tried the recipe, please feel free to leave a comment!