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Summer Slaw

Prepping your ingredients for the slaw is just a quick chopping of the cabbage and cukes. When slicing the cabbage just slice around the core. For the cukes, cut length-wise into quarters, and then slice away.

And now for the shelling. I do love shelling peas, its nothing you can hurry, you simply sit and shell, and relax. I shelled a basket of peas probably about one and a half cups, worth every minute. I steamed the shelled peas for about 4 minutes in a steamer, and then ran under cold water to cool quickly.

Sliver the mint leaves

All good - all green! I was at the Eagleview and Malvern Farmers Markets last week and picked up:

  • Conehead cabbage from Down to Earth Harvest, one because I just love the shape of it, and two for it's sweet flavor - perfect in slaws! One head for this recipe
  • English Cukes from Kneehigh Farm, who can resist, the first of the season! 3, but they were small. 
  • Sweet shelling peas from Old Homestead Farm - love peas, and actually love shelling them! One basket
  • Mint - about 6 - 8 good sized leaves

And yes, I'm making slaw with all three of them and bringing it all together with a maple mustard lemon vinaigrette!

Combine all of the ingredients in a dressing container and give it a good shake. I mean really shake it - you want the mustard to emulsify the dressing to keep it from separating. Shake a little more - perfect - you're there!

For the Maple Mustard Lemon Vinaigrette:

  • 1 Tbsp Whiskey Hollow maple syrup
  • 1 tsp Whiskey Hollow maple mustard
  • 3 Tbsp Kastania olive oil
  • lemon juice, about 1/3 cup
  • salt and pepper

In a big bowl toss the sliced cabbage, cukes, cooled peas, and mint - mix it up good - but don't smash those precious peas! Pour on the dressing to taste - you may need all of it - go ahead - use it up! Toss some more! Let it sit for about 30 minutes to really incorporate the flavors. Then have at it - crunchy and delicious - and, good for you too!

I served this up with a chicken that I got from Canter Hill Farm, spatchcocked and semi de-boned whole chicken that was marinated in lemon juice and grilled to juicy perfection. Had full intentions to share that with you too but dinner got away from me. Guests arrived. Bourbon sours were served, and well, you know the rest of the story. Take my word, it was delicious. More on spatchcocking in another post.

Kneehigh Farm Joins Eagleview Farmers Market this Year!

Meet Emma!

Emma Cunniff is the owner and operator of Kneehigh Farm, a Certified Naturally Grown vegetable farm in Chester County. Emma founded Kneehigh Farm in 2013 on 1.5 acres at the Seed Farm, an agricultural incubator program in the Lehigh Valley. Kneehigh Farm now rents 7 acres from Lundale Farm Inc, a non-profit that provides land access to sustainable farm operations. 

Emma grows over 160 varieties of diversified veggies for her CSA, Farmers' Markets, as well as for restaurants in and around Philadelphia. Her priority as the owner of Kneehigh Farm is to create a viable model for women interested in pursuing organic agriculture as a possible career. She prioritizes soil health, land regeneration, and delicious food. Stop by the Eagle View Market and try some of her favorite veggies, or join the CSA and become an integral part of Kneehigh Farm's community. For more details on what Emma grows and how, visit or follow her on Instagram @kneehighfarm. 

Stop by and say HI to Emma at the Eagleview Farmers Market. The market opens for the 2017 season on Thursday, May 4th, in Eagleview Town Center from 3 - 7 PM.  Eat LOCAL, Eat FRESH, Eat HEALTHY - - - EAT UR VEGGIES!