Picnic Dessert Bar Cookies

I LOVE when market shoppers send me recipe ideas - send more!!!

Holly's Passion Fruit and Nectarine Crumble Bars!

Holly's Passion Fruit and Nectarine Crumble Bars!

Earlier this week Holly, a shopper at Malvern Farmers Market sent me a recipe for "Crumble Bars" that she makes using jam from Mamyli' Jam. Her most recent version used Liliane's nectarine and passion fruit jam - it just sound delicious!

Bar cookies are perfect picnic food! And using jam makes prepping these bar cookies quick and easy.

Want the recipe for her "crumble bars"? Me too! Here you go - the original recipe was for Raspberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars from Averie Cooks. I've got a jar of Mamyli' Jam's Apricot Cream Jam - think they'd make great a great version of Averie's bar cookies.

Do you have a great recipe using market ingredients? Please forward it to me for The Market Beet!

Picnic Dip - Vegan Friendly!

I've fallen in love with this Moroccan Carrot Dip. I especially like that it is vegan for the vegans in the family. Carrots are in season right now and this is just an excellent recipe to feature them.

I followed the recipe as written except that I roasted the carrots in the oven at 400 for about 30 minutes instead of cooking in a pan. Also, instead of using a potato masher, I used the Vitamix to chunky puree the dip. 

This dip is so good for you, carrot-y, full of exotic Moroccan flavors, sweet. Low in calories too! And sure, it's a dip, delicious on crackers, pitas, a spoon! But I think this would taste great spread on a baguette topped with some sheep's milk cheese or goat's milk cheese. A little rice or couscous for dinner - spoon some of this on top! 

More Picnic Side Dish Ideas: Slaw and Salad!

These two salads cannot be easier to make, or easier to pack up in the picnic basket. And, today we're debuting the spiralizer, perfect for transforming summer's zucchini and cucumbers into something the kids will love.

Recipe One: Zucchini Salad. The recipe calls for 1/4 inch slices of the zucchini and yellow squash. I opted to pull out the spiralizer. Sure the slices are thinner than the instructions. I simply adjusted the roasting time to only 5 minutes.

After roasting the zucchini, all that's left is dressing it with olive oil - use either Kastania or Lovin' Spoonful; and adding vinegar. Keepwell Vinegar has only visited Malvern Farmers Market but we promise they will try to visit all of our markets. I used their Sorghum Vinegar to dress the salad, it adds a lovely sweetness. Sure, you can serve this warm, but I cooled the roasted sqaush to room temp and it was delicious!

My squash mushrooms - they found their way into an omelet!

Recipe Two: Herbed Cabbage Cucumber Slaw. Again, so easy!


  • One head cabbage, thinly sliced 
  • One cucumber, quartered length-wise, then sliced thinly
  • Dill, Mint, Cilantro - I used about a total of 1/2 cup of these chopped herbs
  • Juice of two limes
  • Olive Oil for Dressing, about 1/4 cup.
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Chop the veggies and herbs. Combine in a bowl. Dress with the lime juice and olive oil, toss. Season with salt and pepper. Done! I've had a big batch in the fridge and have been eating it for the past 3 days - delicious. So good for you too, and super low in calories!

Lisa Comment
Eagleview Farmers Market - allow me to introduce you to Aldebaran Farm

We are very excited to join Eagleview Farmers Market for the remainder of the season! This is Aldebaran Farm's first year of operation, and it is a small one acre farm owned and operated by Heidi Ochsenreither and Dan Risser. You will see Dan at market more often as Heidi will be manning the field work on Thursdays. 

Rainbow over Aldebaran Farm

Rainbow over Aldebaran Farm

Aldebaran Farm specializes in doing a consistent variety of top-quality baby greens, including lettuce mix, spicy salad mix, arugula, and baby red Russian kale. Bear with us as we adjust our field map and seeding schedule to accommodate this additional market - it typically takes 2-3 weeks for our baby greens to come in so it may be a few weeks before we have a sufficient quantity to satisfy this additional market. We also grow microgreens and pea shoots, although we are taking a break from the pea shoots during the heat of summer as the peas don't like the heat so much.

In addition to our greens, we grow a diverse array of vegetables, with a consistent weekly supply of carrots and beets and a concentration on summer crops including squash, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes (heirloom, cherry, and paste.) We plan to have a unique and diverse array of heirloom tomatoes this year (13 different varieties), some of which will be familiar to you (such as Brandywine and Black Krim), and some of which are rare and new to even us (Chestnut Chocolate and True Black Brandywine to name a few.) We farm in a climate that is consistently a few degrees cooler than the Exton area so our vegetables tend to come in slightly later, but we see a lot of green tomatoes on the vine!

This week we will be bringing small quantities of arugula, baby red Russian kale, and spicy salad mix, as well as some microgreens. Additionally, we will have summer squash/zucchini, cucumbers (pickling and slicing), carrots, beets, savoy cabbage, Napa cabbage, kohlrabi, Swiss chard, kale (curly and Toscano), lettuce heads, parsley, scallions, and a small quantity of dill and edible dill flowers. We look forward to meeting you, please stop by our stand and say hello! Also, check out our Facebook and Instagram!

Picnic Basket Side Dishes - Deviled Red Beet Eggs
Plentiful and beautiful - beetiful!

Plentiful and beautiful - beetiful!

Picnic season is here! We're going to take the next few blog posts to talk about quick ideas for picnic sides using ingredients you can find at the farmers market. Today, it's deviled red beet eggs - what's a picnic with deviled eggs!

Sure, we could have just shared a recipe for plain old white deviled eggs, but it's red beet season, and nothing is prettier than a red beet deviled egg. There are a few steps to this recipe, but stick with it because the the outcome is well worth it!

Step One: pickle your beets! Here's an easy recipe for pickled beets, standard, quick and not complicated. You'll end up with great pickled beets.

Step Two: Make hard boiled eggs, the most important step to get right!. Now this may sound silly, but you want old eggs. Older eggs are easier to peel. Our farmers bring such fresh eggs to market that if you try to hard boil them the day you get them home you'll end up with half the white stuck to the shell. You'll be cursing at the farmer and that's just not good. Your eggs should be about 2 weeks old to make peeling easier. Follow the directions here to make a perfect hard boiled egg.

Step Three: Pickle your eggs by soaking them with your pickled beets. You'll likely need to turn them midway through the process to get them a uniform color. I like to keep them in them with the beets for about 12 hour. After that the yolks begin to soak up the beet color and, well, it just isn't pretty.

Step 4: Devil them! Where to begin? There are so many recipes for deviled eggs. I love the recipe in Food With Friends by Leela Cyd. Yep, I still buy cookbooks, still love them! I kept my filling simple for this post, but there are so many different ways to flavor your filling it's difficult to decide. 

Here's my process with my tried and true process. I make a lot of deviled eggs. My 93 year old mother-in-law loves them and I want to stay on her goos side.

Food with Friends!

The yolks are perfect. If you are getting a gray ring around your yolk, you're over-cooking your eggs! 

Mash Yolks!

I love using my potato ricer to mash my yolks - gives a smooth texture!

So Easy!

Really - you can do more than rice potatoes with your potato ricer!

Prep the filling!

I used mayo, cumin, turmeric and lemon juice.


Consider adding some relishes or salsa from Hazel & Ash or Laura's Garden

Piping Bag!

I use a piping bag to fill the eggs - looks prettier!


I like to use different tips to make the filling look nice.

Add toppings

I added capers, diced pickled beets, and slivers of Laura's Garden Pickled Carrots

There you go, deviled red beet eggs - so delicious.

What's next? Tomorrow a great cabbage and cucumber slaw, plus zucchini ribbon salad. That's right - ribbons - the spiralizer is making it's debut. Wednesday we're cooking up an amazing carrot dip - delicious, simple and oh so good for you. And Thursday we're featuring a reader recipe using jams from Mamy'li Jam!