Farmers Market Space Information

Please complete the following questions to assist us in setting laying out the market.

Space Requirement for Your Set-Up
Standard size of a space is 10x10'; 20x20' for produce/orchard. If you require a larger or smaller spaced based on your market set-up please indicate here. This question is not based on your vehicle - that is addressed separately. This is regarding your market set-up only. How many 10x10' spaces do you require for your set-up?
What is the length of the vehicle you bring to the market?
What is the first date you plan to attend the market for the season?
What is your best guess as to the last day you plan to attend the market for the season. If you continue all 12 months please note that you are year round.
Regular Attendance *
If you have sent me your days off already we have recorded them on the schedule. Please confirm here how often you attend the market on a regular basis.