Produce GRP Farmers Market Application

Please complete the GRP Farmers Market Application to be considered for participation in any of the Growing Roots Partners Farmers Markets. Questions: please email.

Primary Contact *
Primary Contact
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Primary Contact - Preferred Phone
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Secondary Contact
Secondary Contact - Preferred Phone
Secondary Contact - Preferred Phone
If you have documented growing plan spreadsheets, please forward those instead of completing the checklists below.
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Please indicate your growing practices
Fruit Checklist
Please indicate any fruits you grow, and plan to sell at the market. Any and all produce to be offered for sale at a GRP market must be grown by you.
Please list any other fruits you intend to offer at the market.
Vegetable Checklist
Please indicate all vegetables on your growing plan which you intend to offer at the market
Please list any other vegetables you intend to offer at the market.
Value Added Fruits and Vegetables
Please indicate any value added products you propose to sell at the market. Value added products must be made with your produce.
Please list any VAP's you propose to sell not listed above. All VAP must be reviewed and approved for sale at market by GRP before being able to sell.
Please disclose who prepares any and all VAP's you offer:
Please list any other products you propose to offer at the market. If you also propose to carry meat you will need to complete the Meat & Poultry application as well.
GRP Farmers Markets *
Which GRP Farmers Markets would you like to attend?
Accepted Payment
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Please list other markets in which you participate