Meat / Poultry GRP Farmers Market Application

Please complete the GRP Farmers Market Application to be considered for participation in any of the Growing Roots Partners Farmers Markets. Questions: please email.

Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
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Primary Contact
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Primary Contact - Preferred Phone
Secondary Contact
Secondary Contact
Secondary Contact - Preferred Phone
Secondary Contact - Preferred Phone
If you raise your animals on more than one farm, please list all county locations.
Please provide a complete and thorough listing of ALL of the properties where you raise your animals including: Farm Address Land Owned or Leased Acreage Owner of Animals Description of time spent by you personally on each leased property Person responsible for the hands on day to day management of the animals. This information can be provided separately on a spreadsheet and forwarded to
Livestock Practices
Please provide a thorough listing of the animals you raise including the breed.
Please disclose where your meat and poultry are slaughtered and processed
Meat Availability
Poultry Availability
Please indicate what eggs you offer
Meat & Poultry Value Added Products
Please list all producers of your Value Added meat products. Be specific - list the item and the name/location of the licensed/registered producer. Please be sure to list where your cured and smoked products are processed.
Other Products
Do you offer anything other than meat or poultry products such as produce or dairy?
Please list any other products you propose to offer, if they are your product or where you source them. If you offer produce please complete the produce application as well.
Dog and Animal Feed
Do you offer dog and/or animal feed products
Applicable Licenses & Registrations
Please provide a listing of any and all registrations and permits you hold to meet county, state and federal guidelines for food sales. Select ALL that Apply GRP should be holding a copy of each of these documents. PDA = Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture CCHD = Chester County Health Department
Please list any additional licenses, registrations or permits.
Growing Roots Farmers Markets
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Which GRP Farmers Markets would you like to attend?
Accepted Payment
Do you accept any of the following:
Please list all other farmers markets you participate in: