Value Added GRP Farmers Market Application

Please complete the GRP Farmers Market Application to be considered for participation in any of the Growing Roots Partners Farmers Markets. Questions: please email.

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Primary Contact - Preferred Phone
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Secondary Contact - Preferred Phone
Please provide the complete address of where you produce your products
Please provide a detailed listing of what you intend to offer.
Please list any product certifications, ie certified organic, GMO Free, etc
Percent Local
As a farmers market, we request that your ingredients be sourced from a local farm/producer whenever possible. Please indicate all local ingredients from local agricultural sources you use in the preparation of your baked goods. Please select the option which best describes your sourcing practices
If you are not sourcing your ingredients from local producers, please list where you source your ingredients. Please be specific with meats, poultry, dairy and produce sourcing.
Food Production Oversight
Please provide a listing of any and all registrations and permits you hold to meet county, state and federal guidelines for food sales. Select ALL that Apply GRP should be holding a copy of each of these documents. PDA = Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture CCHD = Chester County Health Department
Please disclose the production facility/co-packer of any product you offer which is not produced by you. Please list by the product, followed by production facility for each item.
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